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    Helana and Danny (Tuesday, 06 December 2016 15:02)

    It’s hard to believe how much we did and saw across two days in Aswan thanks to Mena’s help. He’s a fantastic guide – great English, enthusiastic, deep knowledge on the sites and history, and a wonderful ability to abstract the details into something understandable and interesting. But even more we appreciated how easy everything became with his assistance, and his sensitivity/awareness to our interests. Looking back now the warm feelings of our experiences seem more like we’d been shown around by a dear friend than a “guide”. Thanks for helping create such fabulous memories Mena !
    We never would have been able to make our trip in Aswan – Abu Simbel - Philae without Mena. He's simply the best! Our time in Aswan is still some of our favorite stories. Mena was a huge part of that.

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    Didier (From London) (Friday, 28 October 2016 16:58)

    Wonderful Mena !
    Mena made our trip to Aswan and Luxor a truly amazing experience. We were educated, escorted and entertained every day and retired to our hotel happy and exhausted.
    Mena introduced us to so many wonderful people, we breezed past the queues of tourists to get us the best views and the quietest spots at all of the sites that we visited, and tailored our days to show us the very best of Aswan and the Nile Valley of the King and all lovely temples.
    The best trip to Egypt yet. Mena is a superior guide. He is intelligent, funny, friendly and very knowledgeable. It was like a 9 days road trip with a good friend. I have already asked him to guide my trip to Egypt next year since this one was so successful. You cannot go wrong with Mena. He is an amazing person as well as a superior guide.

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    Monica C (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 13:58)

    If you're thinking about touring Aswan Luxor, you MUST book Mena ! I visited Aswan and Luxor with my husband and decided that I should have a guide for Aswan and Luxor because this was my first time in Egypt. Mena was a great guide- he picked me up at the airport and took us to see sites from ancient Egypt and Coptic Egypt then dropped us off at our hotel. We enjoyed a lot make this special Coptic Tour in Aswan it was so amazing ! Mena is a great guide who is very knowledgeable on the history Egypt throughout the centuries and is interested in getting to know his clients as friends. He even stopped at a pharmacy and bought me burn cream to put on an injury I received from a friend's motorcycle exhaust pipe when I was in Cairo. I cannot imagine having done all that we did without him! THANK YOU, MENA! YOU ARE AWESOME!

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    Mrs Worth (Thursday, 20 October 2016 13:23)

    We decided to make a trip in Egypt with our 4 children, our guide was Mena. He is so perfect guide, we passed lovely holidays thanks to him. He know all about the history of Ancient Egypt and about his coptic culture. We made with him his Coptic Tour Culture and all family enjoy a lot. The most amazing experience in Aswan and Luxor, Thanks to Mena !

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