Coptic Tour Culture   about 50 USD

It will be with the greatest of pleasure to introduce and present to you My Coptic Culture and background in Aswan!  This tour is not so well known but deserves to be because in my city, you should consider one of the main sources for Coptic heritage and monuments. I am proud of my culture and I can take you on an unforgetable tour in and around our Coptic Islands.

St Simeon Monastery

 You have 2 options to go there : by air conditioned car or by boat  (include for the both  in the price of 50 USD).



In morning : I will escort you by air conditioned car to take the motor boat to sail across the Nile River then if you want its optional : take a camel ride in the desert on your way (15 USD more) or by walking 30 minutes in the desert to one of the best Coptic attractions in Egypt the Monastery of St. Simeon which is located on the opposite side of Elephantine Island. It was constructed during the 7th century and renovated during the 10th century. The monastery was originally dedicated to Anba Hadra who renounced the world on his wedding day and became a monk. The structure is surrounded by desert sand, it's built on two levels – the lower level of stone and the upper level of mud-brick – surrounded by 10m-high walls.


The tour duration : 3 hours


Free time and restaurant

After visiting St Simeon Monastery, we will be back in Aswan City where you will have some free time, I can advise you on some wonderful typical Egyptian restuarant in the city and you can go by yourself to the Aswan market (Souk). Lots of products to buy like spices,food,fruits.

Price of restaurant are not include in this tour.

Coptic tour in Egypt

Catholic church St Vincent de Paul

At the end of afternoon, i offer you to visit the wonderful Catholic church St Vincent de Paul in the city of Aswan. I will explain you all the story about this monument and the history of this amazing church.

Then if you want, there is an option : you can take this famous typical egyptian cart with horse to go to the second monument that we will see (10 USD more for this option ) Or we can walk in street together to arrived to the coptic cathedral.

Arch angel michael cathedral

In front this lovely cathedral, i will explain you all the details of it. We will discover 2 churches inside : one small down and one big church upstairs.


After this, you can have a look on bookshop and art gallery typically coptic. There are no tickets for entering in these places.


Visit duration : 3 hours

More questions ?   You want to change somethink in this tour ? Its possibl, just contact me by mail and explain me your idea and i will try to adapt myself ! See you soon in Aswan !

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