I spent really amazing night that will be carved on memory of my guests and of me forever … it was in the land of mystery and glory where the fragment of the old history and glorious antiquities are mixed together with the charming silence of the desert and the romantic atmosphere which surrounding the whole area after watching the sun in incredible view moving slowly behind the great temple of Ramses 2nd leaving its beautiful red color on the sky and covering with its last rays this old wonder of the world and his most enormous gigantic statues …. to disappear and let the shining stars lightening the clear deep blue sky in very unforgettable scene that will let your soul will be refreshing up and fly so high  ….

Preparing ourselves then for watching the greatest show ever in Egypt which is (The sound and light show) it is really astonishing show that you will regret a lot if you wouldn’t watch it... Then we were back to hotel after this great day ….


So spending a night in Abu Simbel it was really great experience that really deserves to be tried I recommend it strongly if you are looking for very romantic atmosphere with the taste of history….


( from 1 to 2 persons ) 200 $


INCLUDING (private air-conditioned car with driver and tour guide ''they will stay at night there "  and tickets fees of day visit)


EXCLUDING (sound and light show tickets and hotel rooms and anything extra).